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Loving Kindness_Moore

Worried About Someone? If you are caught up in worry about someone you care about, and you are feeling stressed, help yourself regain your balance join us for this loving-kindness meditation. …

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John Taylor - Grounding Practice

Feeling Stressed? We all get super stressed out sometimes. If this is one of those moments for you, join us for this brief mindfulness practice to help you return to a high-quality state of…

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Lisa Laughman_Coming Into Presence

Overwhelmed? Every Spartan becomes overwhelmed sometimes, by their feelings, their circumstances, their thoughts. It is part of the human condition. Let us help you find your way home to your…

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WNA Presents the Confident Women Series – Self Awareness: Who Am I & How Do I Show Up?

Join us for the final part in our “Confident Women Series”, led by the remarkable Shelley Davis Boyd, MBA, CAE. This series will take time to explore key skills that can help all women…

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Adult Caregivers Employee Resource Group: Laughing is the Best Medicine

The old saying is true, laughter is strong medicine. It draws people together in ways that trigger healthy physical and emotional changes in the body. Laughter strengthens your immune system, boosts…

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Birds and Coffee Chat: Mindfulness and Birding 1/2023

Join the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary this winter for online Birds and Coffee chats Augusta, Mich. — Share your latest bird sightings and learn more about some of the bird species commonly found…

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Birds and Coffee - Birding and Mindfulness

1/12/2022 Grab your morning beverage and join us to learn more about 5 bird species! Each session we’ll highlight birds that you can find in our SW Michigan backyards, woods and waters. Your…

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NCI Complete Charrette Certificate Online Training

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WILD 2020 Workshop: Grounding Strategies for Stress Relief-Taking Care of Yourself

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Grounding Strategies: Tools for Coping with Stress

6/17/20 Wednesday: Grounding Strategies: Tools for Coping with StressPresented by: Jaimie Hutchison, MSU WorkLife Office Grounding strategies help you cope with stressful situations and help you…

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