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Week 9 Notes (FS21 GEO 221LAB, section 730)

Week 9 notes for Fall 2021 GEO 221LABv by Beth Weisenborn -- MSU Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences.

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GEO330: FS2021 Week 8 (10/18 to 10/22)

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FS21 Lecture 2-Part 2: COVID-19 Policies

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Last day of class!

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Kaltura Capture recording - May 24th 2021, 11:25:01 am

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Section 003_03-22

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Section 002_03-22

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ATT award 2021 SCM303 BUS SCM Instructor John Spink v2 take5 5minutes

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Section 002_03-01

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VM 525-2021 Intro to Digestive system and to course

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Section 001_02-03

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Lecture 1, Section 5.2 -- 1/20/2021 [Incomplete: see note in description]

Due to a software problem, only the end of the lecture is available this time. Please refer to the other instructor's videos for the lecture on Section 5.2, and thank you for your patience…

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Lecture 0.1 - Our D2L Site

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Lecture 0.1 - Our D2L Site (plus some nifty tips)

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GEO204 (SS21): Your MWRS assignment - where to begin!

This video will walk you through accessing all materials related to the My World Regional Story (three-part) assignment. It will also show you the schedule that tells you what is due and when.

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Self-Care Strategies

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