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Lecture 4.2 - Part 5 (Romanticism in Music: Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique)

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Lecture 3 - Overview of Module 3

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Learn about how memories are stored in the brain, and a special person who help scientists understand more about memory.

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Learn about how scientists study the brain in order to learn more about emotion. Try to identify different emotions yourself!

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Lecture 6.1 - Part 5

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Lecture 5.4 - Part 4

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MI341 - Frames per second

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CSE480 - Week14 - 6 - Graph Databases

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ADV 225 Session 3 Writing Project 1 Video 10 of 14

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ISS310: Spring 2019 Welcome Video

This is a welcome video for ISS310v Spring2019 by Judith Namanya, the course instructor.

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D2L Inventory Tool

This video will show you how to access the inventory tool on D2L. By the end of this video, you will be able to:Navigate to the inventory tool Use the inventory tool to access or download content…

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The Design Challenge

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