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Cabin Fever Conversations 2021: Conversations in the Community with Allan Whitley

Allan Whitley from Root of the Vine Urban Garden shares about his work to broaden community gardening engagement in his neighborhood in Lansing. To learn more, check out ROTV’s Facebook page.

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Vet Medicine Podcast isolation loss and coping strategies

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This is the recording of the WAPL meeting for February 2020. February 2020 Transcript

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ANP 363 - Honors Podcast - Ancient Egypt in Modern Thought with Lynnea Jackson

Lynnea Jackson created this podcast as an honors project in Spring 2019 for Anthropology 363 - Rise of Civilization. She uses what she learned in the class to address misconceptions and…

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ANP 363 - Honors Podcast - They Mysteries of Machu Picchu with Stephen Hostetler

Stephen Hostetler created this podcast as an honors project in Spring 2019 for Anthropology 363 - Rise of Civilization. He discusses the mythos surrounding the world-famous Incan site of Machu…

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Jane Bush of Grazing Fields - Edited Interview

Jane Bush is the manager and Chief Visionary of Grazing Fields Farm in Charlotte, Michigan where she raises free range chickens for eggs and non-GMO pork. She also runs an organic apple orchard and…

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004 "OLC Innovation Lab Reflections" with Angela Gunder, Ben Scragg and Dave Goodrich

Angela Gunder (@adesinamedia), Ben Scragg (@bscragg) & Dave Goodrich (@rangerdavie) reflect together a week after the first ever installment of the OLC Innovate's Innovation Lab. Subscribe…

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001 "The Hub"

This initial Hubcast episode helps answer the question: “What is the Hub for Innovation in Learning & Technology at Michigan State University?”

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