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MIMN SDO Entomology*

Michigan Master Naturalist Statewide Digital Overflow: Entomology overview with Jeremy Jubenville.

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2021 OPM BioControl

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Warming increases predator hunger for prey, and predators that sit and wait for their prey may be at an advantage during climate change.

This video is from the Michigan State University Spatial & Community Ecology Lab (SpaCE Lab: as part of an experiment investigating the responses of predator-prey…

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Cabin Fever Conversations - Monarch Butterflies with Nate Haan

On the June 5, 2020 episode of Cabin Fever Conversations, Nate Haan walked us through the incredible journey of Monarch Butterflies. In addition to simple strategies for supporting Monarchs in your…

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Pesticides Lecture CSS 124 S'20

Pesticides Lecture CSS 124

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