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onGEO-PAPG: Lesson 6 - First Dynamic Script

Video that accompanies Lesson 6 in onGEO-PAPG (Py & ArcPy Geoprocessing) by Dr. Paul McCord.

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CEP 345: Oral Language Foundations of Literacy Part 1

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MKT 861 - Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic Interview (2022)

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MMDP 2021 Annual Meeting: Session 3 Making the Most of Digital Tools for Cultural Heritage

Presentation 1: Clayton Hayes (Wayne State University) - Essential but unusable: Rehabilitating an aging digital collection The WSU libraries inherited an image collection with an accompanying access…

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IT Virtual Workshop - Adding Voice Narration in Camtasia

Clip from MSU IT virtual workshop on Camtasia. For more information on how to download and use Camtasia, self-enroll in the MSU Tools & Technologies course:…

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MSU IT Workshop - Sharing and Creating media in Mediaspace - Introduction to Video Production

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How to Embed your video in your D2L dropbox

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JRN 306 VO lesson

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JRN 306 Writing for Broadcast

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Best practices for recording video

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