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Classroom Technology Overview: Maximizing Student Learning and Engagement Across Modalities

Date of session: February 1, 2024 Description: If you are asking “What technology can aid with student comprehension, knowledge dispersal, application, analysis, synthesis, and…

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Gradescope Demo

Date of session: June 30, 2021 Description: Join us for a vendor demonstration of Gradescope, a tool to design and deliver assessments via D2L integrations, including handwritten work and online…

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Google Docs Headings Tutorial

Video tutorial showing how to make accessible heading structure in Google Docs

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ADV 225 Session 3 Writing Tool 5 1 Video 5 of 14

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D2L Inventory Tool

This video will show you how to access the inventory tool on D2L. By the end of this video, you will be able to:Navigate to the inventory tool Use the inventory tool to access or download content…

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Ability Compliance Personnel Tasks

This video overviews accessing training compliance information from the People link, Learning Track link, and Impersonate link plus adding training tracks.

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Ability Overview for Managers

UPDATE: Note at about (00:59), the green + (plus sign on 3rd bar) is where a supervisor can add a track (training requirement) to someone's list. NOW available, is a red X icon next to the +…

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Ability Overview for New Users

Ability is a training system to complete required training. Faculty, staff, students and MSU affiliates can complete online courses , instructor-led classes, and import training records from other…

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Using the MSU MPH Library Guide

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Click Reporting Using Custom Searches

Zoom recording for creating custom search/list reports in Click. IACUC was used as the demo data/search, however the same tool will be used for reporting in Safety (and already used in IRB), unless…

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Assignment Tutorial Video (All courses)

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4-24-18 Managing White Mold in Soybean - Chilvers

The Field Crops Breakfast Meeting Series continues with a presentation on "Managing White Mold in Soybean" by Dr. Martin Chilvers.

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Daylight D2L Upgrade

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Tanzania Partnership Program Research Grant Webinar

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Camtasia and Zoom - Standard vs Widescreen

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