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Written Exam Overview

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Lumbar Counterstrain

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VM517 Parasympathetic and sympathetic system wire model demo

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Small Animal Cervical Radiographic Anatomy

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VM 516 Intrinsic m of the equine shoulder and brachium (Dissection video)

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VM 516 Lateral and dorsal extrinsic m of the horse forelimb (Dissection video)

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VM 516-Intrinsic m of the equine shoulder and brachium (Dissection)

captioned I Sonea 8/17/22

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Typical Cervicals Diagnosis & MET

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ANTR510 Palpatory Landmarks for the Pelvis

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MUC Campus Tour

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OMM 511 Practical Overview

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Thoracic Spine Principles

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HVLA Intro and Thorax Tx

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MET in Thoracic spine - upper and lower, Type II and Groups

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Intro to Muscle Energy Technique

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Review single 2: T3 FRS L treatment with camera from the side view

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