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2022 Pre-Bloom Thinning Meeting with Poliana Francescatto

This video is a recording of a presentation given by Dr. Poliana Francescatto, Global Technical Development Specialist in PGRs for Valent BioSciences. The presentation was given at the 2022 Pre-Bloom…

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How to Use the Fruit Growth Model to Guide Apple Thinning Decisions

Information and resources available to guide thinning decisions for apples have come a long way in the past few years. Models are available to help take some of the guess work out of this…

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Apple Thinning Models, PGRs, & Tree Row Volume 

As part of the 2021 Statewide Spring Tree Fruit Webinar Series, Todd Einhorn and Phil Schwallier present 'Apple Thinning Models, PGRs, & Tree Row Volume.'

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The pollen tube growth model, new thinning strategies, and PGRs

As part of the Spring 2020 Tree Fruit Webinar Series, Phil Schwallier of MSU Extension and Dr. Todd Einhorn of the Department of Horticulture at Michigan State University present the new apple pollen…

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ANTR350 RU joint demonstration

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