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GEO331: 1-Arctic-Part 2

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GEO204: Sub-Saharan Africa on the Map

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GEO204: NASWA on the Map

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SD2_1054 March/April 2021

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Lecture 13_Human Evolution_Week 7

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The Olympic Boycott Against Apartheid South Africa

A talk by MSU History professor Peter Alegi on July 22, 2021, part of the "Africa and the Olympics" seminar hosted by the African Studies Association and Sports Africa.

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Lecture 2_History_Week 1

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welcome hm 801.mp4

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Final Clip of Introduction of MSU's Animal Care Program

Video of Animal Care and Use Requirements June 18, 2020 Class

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Mechanical planter impact on smallholder women farmers

Hand planting of maize and other crops is traditionally a task relegated to women and children in developing countries. A mechanical planter eased the burden of women farmers and allowed them to…

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Lecture 1.1 - Part 1

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Passport Kitchen - South African Bunny Chow

Enjoy our tour of South Africa as we learn to make the wonderful dish of Bunny Chow with Kathy

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GEO204: Introduction to the North African / Southwest Asian Realm

This video introduces you to the the lesson on NASWA.

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GEO204: Introduction to the Subsaharan African Realm

This is a video introduction to the lesson on Subsharan Africa.

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Lecture 7.4 - Part 1

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