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Wellbeing Wednesday Chair Yoga 9-28-22

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018 Video 1 Actin and Myosin

018 Video 1 Myosin Motor Proteins

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This is the second of two video tutorials for CAS 111 on completing the book cover design assignment.

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This is a video tutorial on how to design a book cover for the CAS 111 assignment.

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VM 516-Pectoral muscles of the horse (Dissection)

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VM 516-Cutaneous muscles of the horse (Dissection)

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This is the second of two video tutorials in CAS 111 for Assignment 11.

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016 Video 2 Actin and Myosin

016 Video 2: Myosin Motor Proteins

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Sensitivities of the Body

This video is about the different sensitivities of different areas of the body. While watching this video, you will need a partner to complete the activity. One partner will close their eyes, and…

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Sensory Adaptation - Neural Responsiveness to Stimuli

Have you ever wondered why the longer you are exposed to a stimulus, such as the smell of fresh bread or the sound of the TV, the less you seem to consciously notice it? You may not have even noticed…

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Review single 1. Thoracic Dx & Tx of upper - camera angle looking down at dysfunction at time

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1. Thoracic spine Diagnosis with Tx of T6 FRS R.

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Group treatment- Example 2

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PNS Part II.mp4

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Shoulder Dx and Tx Recorded Lecture

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