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Soft Tissue Technique

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Women’s Networking Association presents “Unveiling Core Values for Confident Decision-Making”

Join us as we welcome Regina Carey, Impact Coach and Passion Instigator, for a virtual event on Unveiling Core Values for Confident Decision-Making! Identify core values using a hands-on assessment…

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Adult Caregivers Employee Resource Group: Fall Prevention

Join this session to learn more about caregiving and fall prevention, led by Nicole Wethington, Health and Nutrition Education with MSU Extension. Learning ObjectivesWhat causes us to loss our…

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Insights to Foresights - The Case of the Log Guitar

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Safety First: Preventing on-the-job Injuries and Deaths to Greenhouse and Nursery Workers

Agriculture is one of the five most dangerous industries in Michigan to work in. However, everyone deserves to come home safely from work. This presentation will focus on greenhouse and nursery…

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Gender Chapter 4 Video

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Foresight Fish

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Family Employee Resource Group: Supporting LGBTQIA+ Youth

Join us for a webinar aimed at parents, caregivers, educators, and allies who want to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for LGBTQIA+ youth. Led by parents and experts in LGBTQIA+…

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Kaltura Capture recording - January 10th 2024, 12:59:27 pm

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Adult Nutrition

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Chapter 14

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Women’s Networking Association presents “Managing Difficult Conversations or Situations at Work”

What if one act of courage, having a difficult conversation, could change your day, your relationships, and your workplace? What if one difficult conversation could restore your self-confidence,…

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How to Recognize and Minimize Burnout

Burnout is the loss of meaning in one’s work, coupled with mental, emotional, or physical exhaustion as the result of long-term, unresolved stress. Burnout impacts our mental and physical…

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Preconception Nutrition/ Conditions & Interventions

Overview of Textbook Chapters 2-3

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