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Building an Online Course that Lasts: How to Set It and Forget It

Date of session: June 3, 2024 One of the biggest challenges we all face is time–there is just never enough. Teaching an online course may seem like a time saver, but you soon realize there is…

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Designing an Engaging Asynchronous Online Course

Date of Session: February 26, 2024 Description: Consistent course design matters for promoting student success. In this session, you will learn about the characteristics of a well-designed…

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Lecture 34

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ME410 Lecture 28

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ME 410 Lecture 27

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Lecture 32 - Emissive Power- Blackbody Radiation

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ME410 Lecture 33 -Incident Radiation-Emissivity

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ME 410 Lecture 31 Introduction to radiation heat transfer

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Zoom Session 24

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ME410 Lecture 26 Natural convection

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ME410 Lecture 25 Internal flow, turbulent

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ME 410 Heat Transfer, Lecture 24 Internal flow, laminar

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Lecture 23 Convection in tubes and pipes

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ME 410 Lecture 22 Introduction to internal flow

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ME410 Lecture 19 -Boundary layer theory-Introduction to convection correlations -Laminar flow across flat plates

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1D transient, Carthesian

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