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Exploration Days Presentation Video 1

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WACSS Insight Series: Funds of Knowledge in DEI Work

Dr. Amanda Flores, WKAR's Senior Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion shares her research during this WACSS Insight Series. Funds of knowledge (Fk) are historically accumulated…

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Advising Summit

The Fall Advising Summit, which happened immediately following the Student Success Launch event.

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Panel Discussion

A panel discussion with Erika Crews, M.A., Tenille Gaines, Ph.D., Jim Lucas, Ph.D., and Anthony Williams, Jr., M.A.

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Knowing Ralph [9/15/22 on Zoom]

Father, Friend, Folk Icon: a conversation with RalphFasanella’s inner circle. Introduced by Kurt Dewhurst

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Chapter 10b Video

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Welcome Graduate Teaching Assistants!

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MSUCOM Active Violence and Emergency Response

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Chapter 4a Video

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PSC608 MSUCOM orientation 2022-23

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SOC 100 Chapter 2b

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FCM 640_650_660_ Orientation_7_1_2022

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Ultrasound Introduction by John Fitzsimmons

Original recording: 1_q06qzdqo

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OST598 Epidemiology 1 - Measures of Risk, Disease Burden and Epidemic Theory

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Class of 2026 Orientation 6.16.22 Financial Aid

Zoom Recording ID: 96032626824 UUID: UdsCSDafSwieIIlDKdobXg== Meeting Time: 2022-06-16 11:52:20am

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