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GTA Roles_What to expect_Grader

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Farewell from Online Geography

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Summer Session 2022- GEO 113: Economic Geography

Video introducing the instructor, course and other details for the summer session 2022 OnGeo course of economic geography

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A Geographer's Tools

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SS22 Lecture 3: Reading Strategies

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VM 516-Eq gluteal muscles in detail (dissection video)

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ISS310: A Geographer's Tools

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Finding your Classroom in 25 Live

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onGEO: Farewell Video

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SCM999 SCM303 Presentation J07 Quality Supply v8 SG Take1 Part2 Edited

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Section 001_02-22

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VM 523-Cytology versus Histology

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Lecture 9.4-part 1

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Lecture 1.1 - Introduction to D2L Page

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Lecture 2-Part 2_Reading Strategies

Note: This lecture was originally recorded FS2020 -- so the dates mentioned won't apply to the current semester! However, the content is still good so I have chosen to re-use it instead of…

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