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Introduction: Sustainability and Climate Climate Change Session One

To view the TED Talk please visit: Presenters:Will Cronin, MSU Extension Elliot Nelson, MSU Extension and Michigan SeaGrant

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Designing for Student and Instructor Satisfaction in Hyflex Courses

A poster presentation by Caitlin Kirby at the Lilly Conference on Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning in Traverse City, MI Oct 2022.

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WorkLife Office - Internship Program Informational Session (2022)

Are you interested in a fulfilling and rewarding opportunity? The MSU WorkLife Office is looking for 4 interns for the Fall '22-Spring '23 semesters!Join us for this informational session…

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Peace Corps Prep Information Session

In this 35-minute recording, viewers can learn about the Peace Corps Prep certificate program at Michigan State University. Presented by Program Manager Joy Campbell, the session covers information…

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Family Employee Resource Group: Supporting Children Through Divorce with Jon Novello

Learning Objectives:Participants will learn effective communication strategies to use when speaking with children and teens about divorce. Participants will learn to consider a child’s…

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Know Their Names: Case Studies in DEIA Collection Development Assessment, Expansion, and Access

This session took place on April 6, 2022, as part of the ARLIS/NA 50th Annual Conference in Chicago. It was moderated by Nick Curotto. Jared Ash and Daisy Paul present "Black Artists Matter:…

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Thinking Globally Acting Locally: Increasing Access to a Wider Range of Diverse Materials

This session discusses collection development strategies that aim to diversify and provide better access to library collections. It took place on April 6, 2022, as part of the ARLIS/NA 50th Annual…

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Dams, Development, and Democracy in India

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Get the Gig: Interview Skills and Advice

Panelists provide insight on the interview process for myriad art information professions, focusing on phone, in-person, and remote interviews. The session kicks off with a Q&A style panel…

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9-4 Bladder Ureters Urethra Development

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9-2 Progenitor Urinary Systems Nephron Development Wilms Tumor

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9-1 Timelines Gastrula Origins Urinary System

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8-4 Intersex Conditions

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8-2 Gonad Development in Detail

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7-4 Diaphragm Development Congenital Hernia Hiatal Hernia

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7-3 Pleural Cavity Alveoli Pulmonary Circulation Development

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