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GEO 490/829: Collection & Analysis of Drone Imagery COMING THIS FALL!!!

Dr. Erin Bunting talks about her brand new course, Collection & Analysis of Drone Imagery, which is being offered in Fall 2024. Enroll now! This course offers you an experience like no other!…

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Class 19 - Mar 26

Zoom Recording ID: 98691958099 UUID: 4xs+EzvIRJKr++ULVwoL2g== Meeting Time: 2024-03-26 01:27:49pmGMT

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Safety First: Preventing on-the-job Injuries and Deaths to Greenhouse and Nursery Workers

Agriculture is one of the five most dangerous industries in Michigan to work in. However, everyone deserves to come home safely from work. This presentation will focus on greenhouse and nursery…

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Module 3 Financial Reporting II

Module 3 Financial Reporting II

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Statement of Cash Flows Example

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Minor Spill Response

Minor radioactive material Spill Response.

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Radiation Detection Equipment

Instruction in the type and use of equipment used to detect radioactive materials.

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Entering Farm Transactions on QuickBooks and PC Mars

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Gitanjali [with static at end]

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Michigan 4-H Shooting Sports Policy

This presentation is an addendum to Module 4: Risk Management from National 4-H Shooting Sports for new instructor training. This 9-min video provides a summary of Michigan-specific policy and…

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ISO Part I week 11

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Quality System Regulation and Validation

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Wild About Watching Wildlife-Trail Cameras

Wild About Woods Wetlands & Wildlife: Watching Wildlife discusses using trail cameras to capture wildlife.

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Medical Devices2

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Finding Your Classroom in 25Live

Date of session: July 9, 2021 Description: This video demonstrates how to find your classroom using 25Live and looking through the available features of the room. Upcoming workshops Past workshop…

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New Manure Application Technology

Presented by Glen Arnold, Ohio State University Extension

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