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OMM 514 Practical Review

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Ankle and Foot Dx and TX

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Thoracic Counterstrain

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Typical Cervicals Diagnosis & MET

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Pelvic and Sacral Counterstrain

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VM 569-Canine Ortho Exam Video

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OMM 511 Sample Question Review

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MET in Thoracic spine - upper and lower, Type II and Groups

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3. Treatment of upper thoracic - T3 ERS R

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4. Reminder of Muscle Energy Technique (MET) Principles

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2. Upper Thoracic treatment of T3 FRS R & discussion of translatory F/E and sidebending.

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1. Thoracic spine Diagnosis with Tx of T6 FRS R.

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Knee Dx and Tx

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LL Muscles Part II

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Shoulder Dx and Tx Recorded Lecture

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Axial muscles Abd Wall

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