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Shoreline Best Management Practices

Advancing inland lake stewardship through shoreline best management practices. Presented by Eric Calabro, Inland Lake Analyst, Wate Resources Division, Michigan Department of Environment, Great…

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Biodiversity: Discovering the natural world: Microbes

What makes something a frog, and why does it look and live differently than a bird? All life is related to each other in some way, but they come in all different kinds or varieties. Scientists…

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Wild About Woods, Wetlands, & Wildlife: Wave Busting

Wild About Woods, Wetlands, & Wildlife: Wave Busting explains how to protect inland lakes shorelines with vegetation.

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Shoreline Health and Preservation

Lake shorelines provide critical habitat, slow runoff, limit erosion, and maintain water quality. However, suburban-type residential development along lakeshores has dramatically altered our lakes.…

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Wild About Woods, Wetlands, & Wildlife: Wildlife Intrusions

Understanding human-wildlife interactions and how you can manage wildlife in your yard.

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Birds & Coffee Chat: Cavity Nesting Birds

Birds & Coffee Chat: Each session we’ll highlight birds that you can find in our SW Michigan backyards, woods and waters this time of year. Species Focus: Cavity nesting birdsEastern…

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Pollinator Stewardship in Orchards

As part of the MSUE 2021 Statewide Spring Tree Fruit Webinar Series, Julianna Wilson and Ana Heck present 'Pollinator Stewardship in Orchards.'

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Attracting birds for Heritage Commons group

Presentation about bird watching and attracting birds to you yard.

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Moments From The Field: Butterfly Surveys

Take a look into the process of surveying butterflies in the fields of Kellogg Biological Station's Long-Term Ecological Research Program. Ecologists from Dr. Nick Haddad's lab, Allie…

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Wild About Backyard Conservation: Raining on My Parade

Wild About Backyard Conservation: Raining on My Parade. Looks at the best management practices for landscaping the shoreline along lakes, ponds, and rivers; and dealing with other soggy area in your…

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ISB 202 - Library Presentation

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Exploring with Scientists: “How do some species avoid extinction?

Join us online with the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary & Kyle Jaynes (Fitzpatrick Lab) to explore Herpetology. Learn about amphibians, reptiles, and conservation. Kyle will describe how he asks the…

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Cabin Fever Conversations - Gardening for Birds

On the May 15, 2020 episode of Cabin Fever Conversations, Linnea Rowse from Michigan Audubon cured our boredom with bird-om and helped us understand how even the smallest home garden can help sustain…

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The Kirtland's Warbler

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