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MNP SDO June Herpetology Reptiles

Michigan Naturalist Program Statewide Digital Overflow 2024: Herpetology: Reptiles with Daniel Earl, Michigan Natural Features Inventory.

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On Thin Ice: How Michigan's Milder Winters Affect Fish

Dr. Joe Nohner of the Michigan DNR presents "On Thin Ice: How Michigan's Milder Winters Affect Fish". Presented to the Michigan Inland Lakes Partnership in March 2024.

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Michigan Vernal Pools Partnership - 6th Annual Meeting December 6th, 2023

This is a Zoom meeting recording of the 6th Annual Meeting of the Michigan Vernal Pools Partnership held virtually on December 6th, 2023. The Michigan Vernal Pools Partnership (MVPP) is a…

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Focus on Rare Species

2023 Wild About Conservation webinar Focus on Rare Species with Tyler Bassett. Join us as we explore Citizen science participation for spotting and recording rare species in Michigan. What you can…

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Planning and Planting a Native Plant Pollinator Garden

2023 Wild About ConservationPlanning and Planting a Native Plant Pollinator Garden with Kristine Hahn, MSU Extension Eduator where we explore how to plan and plant a Pollinator Garden with…

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Bird Research and Conservation in Michigan

2023 Wild About Conservation: Bird Research and Conservation in Michigan featuring Eric Branch. Follow along with us as we discuss the importance of birds as bioindicators, current research at…

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Bumble Bee Conservation In Michigan Requires a Community Approach

This Wild About Conservation webinar covers ongoing bumble bee conservation efforts in Michigan and how the community can get involved through volunteer opportunities and habitat improvement with…

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National Agriculture Month with Ana Heck

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Wild About Conservation: Integrating Solar Energy

Michgian State Universtiy Extension Wild About: Conservation: Integrating Solar Energy. Adding solar arrays and cover plantings that work under them.

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MIMN SDO Spatial Ecology*

Michigan Master Naturalist Statewide Digital Overflow: Spatial Ecology with Jeremy Jubenville.

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MIMN SDO Herpetology: Amphibians *

Michigan Master Naturalist Statewide Digital Overflow Herpetology: Amphibians. Alexa Warwick talks about Michigan's Amphibians

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Shoreline Best Management Practices

Advancing inland lake stewardship through shoreline best management practices. Presented by Eric Calabro, Inland Lake Analyst, Wate Resources Division, Michigan Department of Environment, Great…

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Biodiversity: Discovering the natural world: Microbes

What makes something a frog, and why does it look and live differently than a bird? All life is related to each other in some way, but they come in all different kinds or varieties. Scientists…

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Week 8 Washtenaw

Michigan Conservation Stewards program Week 8 Washtenaw Area

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Wild About Woods, Wetlands, & Wildlife: Wave Busting

Wild About Woods, Wetlands, & Wildlife: Wave Busting explains how to protect inland lakes shorelines with vegetation.

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Shoreline Health and Preservation

Lake shorelines provide critical habitat, slow runoff, limit erosion, and maintain water quality. However, suburban-type residential development along lakeshores has dramatically altered our lakes.…

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