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Mod 12 lecture part 2.mp4

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PH 102 Module 7 - Environmental Health, Part 2 of 2

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‘Imaging and Imagining Illness’: Devan and Darian Stahl - Episode 7

Released March 8, 2018 No Easy Answers in Bioethics Episode 7 Episode webpage with full transcript and related resources:

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Interview Dee Zuidersma and Ty Curtis Grand Traverse County HD on Mental Health

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Bioethics for Breakfast: Demystifying End-of-Life Care

Recorded October 13, 2022. Captions are auto-generated. Featuring a presentation from: Leonard M. Fleck, PhD, Professor, Center for Bioethics and Social Justice, College of Human Medicine; and…

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Module 3 Explanatory models

Module 3 presentation for HM 838

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Discussing the global burden of mental illnesses.

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VM 507-Influenza-Peters

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Chronic Communicable Disease Narrated 2020 Part 1

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The Resiliency Model

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NUR 917/927 - 2020 Chronic Care Theoretical Concepts with narration

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Introduction to Suicide Intervention

Introduction to suicide intervention terms and myths.

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Children and Death

Clinical work with children who experience death or illness.

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Prospects, Promises and Perils of Human Mind-Reading

Mark Reimers, PhD Associate Professor Neuroscience Program College of Natural Science Michigan State University Recorded November 29, 2017 In recent years, several research groups have been…

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