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South Michigan Fruit IPM Update Apr15 2024

Michigan State University south Michigan area fruit educators Mike Reinke, Cheyenne Sloan, Derek Plowkowski, and Bill Shane provide current information about fruit crop conditions, pests and…

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On Thin Ice: How Michigan's Milder Winters Affect Fish

Dr. Joe Nohner of the Michigan DNR presents "On Thin Ice: How Michigan's Milder Winters Affect Fish". Presented to the Michigan Inland Lakes Partnership in March 2024.

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Resources and Support for Crisis Collecting

The Society of American Archivists' Crisis, Disaster, and Tragedy Response Working Group (CDTRWG) works to provide support and connections for empathetic, ethical, and sustainable collecting or…

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Module 6 Ongoing Performance Monitoring and Management

Module 6 Ongoing Performance Monitoring and Management

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A Literature Review of Wake Boat Effects on Aquatic Habitat

Dr. Joe Nohner of the Michigan DNR presents "A Literature Review of Wake Boat Effects on Aquatic Habitat", published as DNR Fisheries Report 37 in July 2023. The presentation is followed by…

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Implementing a Vaccine Strategy For Your Pig Heard

This video demonstrates how to properly implement a vaccination strategy and protocol into your small swine herd.

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Administering Deworming Products for Pigs

This video demonstrates how to administer deworming products to pigs and states the importance of deworming your pigs on your small farm.

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Sampling Oral Fluids To Detect and Identify Diseases in Pigs

This video provides information and the education to detect and identify diseases in pigs specifically using the sampling oral fluids method.

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South Michigan Fruit Update 04242023

Michigan State University Extension Fruit Educators provide an update of fruit development, pest management strategies for commercial fruit growers

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South Michigan FruitIPMUpdate04172023

South Michigan region Michigan State University Extension fruit educators Mike Reinke, Derek Plowkowski, Cheyenne Sloan, and Bill Shane provide updates on current fruit insect, disease, and cultural…

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MSU fruit specialist Mike Reinke provides update on the emerging insect pest the spotted lantern fl

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The Trouble With Tropicals Webinar

Dr. Sarah Jandricic, Greenhouse Floriculture IPM Specialist for Ontario, will go over the most common pests of tropical and foliage plants. These will include whitefly, echinothrips, mealybug and…

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Squeaky Clean Start to 2023

To bleach or not to bleach? Cara McCreary (Greenhouse Vegetable IPM Specialist at Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Canada) will discuss the benefits of cleaning and…

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Building-On-your-Success-Dr. Schwartz

Strategies for integrating your learning, planning ahead, managing your study time.

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Budget and Debt Management: Helpful Basic Tips and Reminders with Michigan Financial

Watch this webinar to learn simple budget and debt management tips from Ethan Cramer, Director of Development with Michigan Financial.

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Wild about conservation gaining perspective

Michigan State University Extension Wild About: Conservation Webinar, Gaining Perspective :Agriculture in my community

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