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Introduction to the Match Presentation by Dr. Phillips.05.16.22

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04.20.2022 Match Town Hall

Zoom Recording ID: 94187121201 UUID: XJzHSPEMTZql7+SVEMll9g== Meeting Time: 2022-04-20 03:45:14pm

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COMLEX, Clerkship, and Beyond

Hosted by the Class of 2023 Class Government, Dr. Alyse Ley presents a guide to approaching COMLEX and the years beyond.

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Calculating edit distance with dynamic programming

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Virtual Residency Interview Prep for LCE Students (September 16, 2020)

This online workshop was provided to fourth year medical students to help them prepare to be competitive candidates for virtual residency interviews for the upcoming 2020-2021 match season.

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CSE480 - Week04 - More Table Constraints

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CSE480 - Week03 - Joins

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VM 506 Internships

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