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Week 5 Notes (SS22 GEO 221LAB, section 730)

Week 5 notes for Spring 2022 GEO 221LABv by Beth Weisenborn -- MSU Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences.

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MMDP 2021 Annual Meeting Session 2: LOCKSS, CONTENTdm, Digital Preservation, & Collections Access

First Presentation: Chelsea Denault (Midwest Collaborative for Library Services) - Mitigating Risk: the Michigan Digital Preservation Network & LOCKSSThis presentation will explain how LOCKSS…

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CSTAT Day - A Few Simple Rules for Reproducibility

Presented by Dr. Marianne Huebner, Director of CSTAT This is an abbreviated version, a full workshop on this topic is usually available through CSTAT. Slides are available in the Attachments tab.

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A/V and Preservation Metadata with Peggy Griesinger

This enrichment session led by Peggy Griesinger will provide an overview of audiovisual and preservation metadata standards and their practical application in cultural heritage institutions.…

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RDF and LOD in Use Today

Previous sessions have dealt with RDF (Resource Description Framework) and LOD (Linked Open Data) as introductions and overviews of the topic; while it is still early days in terms of adoption, this…

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Leveraging Flickr for Digital Image Management and Social Media Outreach

Presentation from the ArLiSNAP VREPS 2016 Conference given on May 21, 2016. Melissa Coulston discusses her efforts to create a centralized photo library for use by NWS and NOA staff in marketing…

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ArLiSNAP VREPS 2016 Virtual Conference Keynote, Data Initiatives at NYPL Labs: Collaboration + Connection

In Sara Rubinow’s keynote speech for the 2016 ArLiSNAP VREPS Virtual Conference, she discusses her role at NYPL Labs and showcases initiatives intended to engage developers, scholars, artists,…

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The Gritty Details behind a Great Geo-Discovery Interface (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Querying the New York City Geoclient API)

Presentation from the ArLiSNAP VREPS 2016 Conference given on May 21, 2016 by Gabriella Karl Johnson. The speaker discusses her time working at the Seymour B. Durst Old York Library at Columbia…

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The Cornell Collection of Antiquities

Presentation by Hannah Marshall from the ArLiSNAP VREPS 2016 Conference given on May 21, 2016. This recording is made available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 license…

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Linked Open Data: Interconnectivity Amplified

In this session, Sarah Seymore and Julie Simic will discuss how the University of Oregon migrated its digital collections to a new content management system and to linked open data (LOD).…

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MMDP Fall 2020 Conference- Session 2: Making Metadata Meaningful

Zoom Recording ID: 93017196545 UUID: epOfXkhmR1aR7eTS+dXcOw== Meeting Time: 2020-12-03T14:04:23Z

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GEO 221v: Tools of GIS, Metadata, & Sources of Geographic Datasets

Tools of GIS, Metadata, & Sources of Geographic Datasets. This video is used in Geo221v.

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GEO221 GIS Analysis Activity

This is a walk-through of the Geo221v GIS Analysis Activity. Use this video if you are unable to complete the activity on your own. Beth Weisenborn.

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onGEO-IGT: VIDEO: Tools of GIS Analysis, Metadata, & Sources

Dr. Shi introduces Lesson 10: Tools of GIS Analysis, Metadata, & Sources in IGT: Intro. to Geospatial Technology (onGEO Professional Certificate Course). …

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Maintaining records in Geonetwork

Editing records in geonetwork and submitting changes through the Tracking Ticket. Big Ten Academic Alliance Geospatial Data Project

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