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Michigan State University Nurse Anesthesiology Informational Webinar

Michigan State University’s Nurse Anesthesiology program prepares nurses for advanced practice with the knowledge and skills to deliver safe and effective anesthesia care and assume leadership…

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College of Nursing Associate Dean Chat

Connect with Dr. Kathleen Poindexter, Interim Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, and Molly Monet, Admissions and Recruitment Specialist, to learn more about the College of Nursing!

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SD2_1058 4/26/2021

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College of Nursing Fixed Term Promotion Process Overview

7/30/2021 Overview of Fixed Term Promotion Process with Dean Rasch.

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Adult Caregivers Affinity Group: Respite Care

The Adult Caregivers Affinity Group is a place for Spartans to connect on adult caregiving/eldercare topics with the goal of connecting, building community and sharing best practices regarding…

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How-To: Wearing the Light Visor

In this video, Megan will be teaching you how to use the light visor.

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VPN Network Drive Access for Mac

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eValue: Reviewing Preceptor Evaluations of Students

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eValue: Managing Shared Inbox

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Searching the Databases

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Creating a PICO(T) and Searching Databases

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Creating Impact in Teaching, Clinical Service, and Research in an Academic Soft Tissue Surgery Department-Maureen Jay

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Respiratory 2: Atelectasis and Pneumonia

NUR 332 Fall 2020

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FLC Fall Teaching Town Hall: Online Teaching in the Fall (06_05_2020)

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Care of Client and Families

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Technology Resources US20

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