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Menopausal symptoms in competitive weightlifters

Athletes may be unprepared for the onset and duration of menopausal symptoms and how they affect training and competition goals. There are inconsistent results about physical activity and menopausal…

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513 Exam Review

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Video AAO 2030-3-24-23

Trauma, Cranio-Cervical Instability, & Chronic Pain

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Treatment of Posterior Ribs 2-12

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Anterior Rib Counterstrain in Supine Position

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Anterior Rib Counterstrain

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Pathology for Boards Review with Dr. Willy Kemp

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Pathology Jeopardy Round 3

MSU CHM-COM Pathology Interest Group

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Lumbar Counterstrain

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FDM Intro

Fascial Distortion Model Intro and Triggerbands and Herniated Trigger Point Description

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WNA: Women's Mental Health and Intersectionality

The attendees will learn about1. The concept of intersectionality and its impact on mental health2. Understanding bio, psychosocial model of mental disorders3. Why women are more vulnerable to mental…

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OMM 514 Practical Review

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Thoracic Counterstrain

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