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Knee Dx and Tx 511

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Elbow and Wrist

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HIPAA Overview

This video was produced by the MSU Health Team in 2016. Closed-captioning is being produced.

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Comparing Chinese and American Bioethics: Cheng and Tomlinson - Episode 4

Released December 14, 2017 No Easy Answers in Bioethics Episode 4 Episode webpage with full transcript and related resources:

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Developing a Clinical Question and Creating a PICOT

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513 Exam Review

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Restrictive and Obstructive Lung Diseases

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Respiratory Infections

Common pneumonic syndromes and their associated pathogens

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Treatment of Posterior Ribs 2-12

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Identifying Posterior Rib Tenderpoints and Treatment of Rib 1

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Anterior Rib Counterstrain in Supine Position

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Identifying Anterior Rib Tenderpoints

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Anterior Rib Counterstrain

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Written Exam Overview

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Celeste Santi, LMSW - Medical Social Work

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