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Family Employee Resource Group: Supporting Children Through Divorce with Jon Novello

Learning Objectives:Participants will learn effective communication strategies to use when speaking with children and teens about divorce. Participants will learn to consider a child’s…

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Rhetorical Appeals Video

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WorkLife Office Presents: Family Affinity Group - Avoiding Power Struggles with Your Children

Do you ever find yourself asking, “How can I get my kid to do their homework without a huge fight?!” Maybe you’ve wondered why you can’t have just one drama-free morning,…

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Memory test

See how well your brain remembers, and learn about a simple trick to help you out!

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Lecture 9.6 - Part 4

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Questioning your Artifact

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Binary Search Trees

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Family Legal relationships as Defined Under Michigan Law

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CSE480 - Week12 - 4 - BTrees Deletion

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CSE480 - Week12 - 3 - BTrees Insertion

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Video Lecturer: MI Mandated Reporting

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Understanding K-12: Return to School

Panelists: Gabrielle Lawrence, President of Lansing School District Board of Education Shelley Davis Boyd, President of MacDonald Middle School Parent Council in East Lansing Hillary Henderson, East…

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Mini Lecture 7.8 - Feeding Children with Love

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Children and Parents with Addictions

Presentation on working with children who have parents or caregivers with addictions.

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Children and Divorce

Presentation on Divorce in clinical work and working with children.

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