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Unconventional Fruit Working Group 03: Disease Management July 23, 2024

This is a free virtual meetup group for fruit farmers who grow fruit using non-conventional practices, including but not limited to organic farmers. Each one-hour meeting has a theme, with the…

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Advertising & Public Relations Consumer Research

A short overview of consumer research databases commonly used in Advertising and Public Relations research.

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MNP SDO May Conservation Planning*

Michigan Naturalist Program Statedwided Digital Overflow Training: Conservation Planning

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MIMN SDO Move Toward Conservation 2024*

Michigan State University Extension Michigan Naturalist Program Unit on gardening for life or move toward conservation 2024. Covers the premise of the book Bringing Nature Home by Douglas Tallamy.

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ODWODL - Dani Willcutt 4/17/2024 [LIB]

Dani Willcutt of the MSU Department of History delivers the presentation "A Housewife's Crusade, Desegregation, and General Motors' Reign -or- Lansing, Michigan's Westside…

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Introduction to Gardening

Learn about the basics of gardening in this virtual workshop with experts from the Greater Lansing Food Bank's Garden Project. Sponsored by the Thomas Volkening Seed Library and the Library…

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GEO206: Let's Review: Net Primary Productivity

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GEO206: Let's Review: Succession

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Controlled Environment – Managing Destruction Order Risk with USDA Crop Insurance

For the first time, the Risk Management Agency of the USDA is offering Controlled Environment (CE) crop insurance program which offers insurance for destruction orders for plant diseases and…

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GEO206: Introduction to Biogeography

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An Emerging Threat: Box Tree Moth and Spotted Lanternfly in Michigan

Presented on Feb. 15, 2024 by: Amber Neils and Andria McCubbin (Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Facilitated by: Heidi Lindberg, MSU Extension Box tree moth (Cydalima…

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Unlocking Plant Potential: Essential Soil and Plant Tests for Thriving Gardens

In this video, you'll learn: Soil health secrets from a Michigan potato pro: RJ Rant isn't just any consultant; he's a self-trained biological and organic farmer who understands the…

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Optimize grapevine health and productivity: Michigan grape Pre-Veraison Meeting

Northwest Michigan Grape Pre-Veraison Meeting The Northwest Michigan Grape Pre-Veraison Meeting, organized by Parallel 45 Vines & Wines and Michigan State University Extension, featured…

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Crop load management strategies for improving the quality of grapes for sparkling wine production.

Larry Mawby is sharing his experience and knowledge about effective canopy and crop load management strategies in various climatic seasons for improving grape quality for sparkling wine production.

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Crop Scheduling Webinar Part 3: Ensuring Season-Long Interest with Herbaceous Perennials

During this informative session, Caitlin Splawski from Michigan State University discusses: Considerations for scheduling herbaceous perennials for retail. She goes over vernalization requirements,…

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