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Resources and Support for Crisis Collecting

The Society of American Archivists' Crisis, Disaster, and Tragedy Response Working Group (CDTRWG) works to provide support and connections for empathetic, ethical, and sustainable collecting or…

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GEO330: Week 10: Important Information

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Laurie Messing - Preserving MI Harvest

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MIMNSDO Uplands *

Michigan Master Naturalist Upland Habitats. Conservation of Michigans grasslands, farmlands and more

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MMDP 2021 Annual Meeting: Session 3 Making the Most of Digital Tools for Cultural Heritage

Presentation 1: Clayton Hayes (Wayne State University) - Essential but unusable: Rehabilitating an aging digital collection The WSU libraries inherited an image collection with an accompanying access…

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MMDP 2021 Annual Meeting Session 2: LOCKSS, CONTENTdm, Digital Preservation, & Collections Access

First Presentation: Chelsea Denault (Midwest Collaborative for Library Services) - Mitigating Risk: the Michigan Digital Preservation Network & LOCKSSThis presentation will explain how LOCKSS…

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ISS310: Eras of Early Environmental Thought

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ISS310: Trees & Forests

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NDSR Art Resident Application Webinar

To help applicants understand the requirements and benefits of participating in NDSR Art, program staff and the 2017 NDSR Project Hosts present this webinar to walk through the application process…

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Safeguarding and Activating Digital Video Information in Cultural Institutions

In cultural organizations, internally-produced digital video materials often function both as vital information resources and as conduits for public engagement. As key components of institutional…

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How the Web Was Won: Collaborative Approaches to Web Archiving

Gain insight as speakers examine collaborative approaches to archiving web-based art and architecture resources and learn how each initiative is helping shape the new frontier of art librarianship.…

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NDSR Art Webinar: Getting Started with Disk Imaging

This webinar, featuring Ben Fino-Radin, founder and lead conservator of Small Data Industries, introduces the concept of Disk Imaging, focusing on the why, when, how and the long-term. The…

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Archiving Performance in an Institutional Context: Perspectives from the Mark Morris Dance Group

Dance is an ephemeral art form that does not archive easily. However, if we consider the nearly 40-year history of the Mark Morris Dance Group (MMDG), and even longer career of its illustrious…

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Strategies for Conserving Time-Based Media: An overview of the Art Institute of Chicago's TBM Initiative

In this webinar session led by Kristin MacDonough, attendees will learn about some of the activities to date in the Time-Based Media (TBM) Initiative at the Art Institute of Chicago. Details about…

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Wikidata for Digital Preservation

Katherine Thornton's presentation recorded on October 23, 2018, describes the approach she has been using to create metadata for software and file formats as linked open data. She also discusses…

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Past NDSR Residents & Mentors Speak - Kim, Nadal, and White

In this webinar that took place on September 7, 2016, Shalimar Fojas White, NDSR-DC 2013-14 host; Julia Kim, NDSR-NY 2014-15 resident; and Jacob Nadal, NDSR Art Board Member and DPOE Instructor,…

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