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5-4 Venous Return Atrai Ventricular Development ASD VSD

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UGS200H-005 - UURAF review (4/9)

Zoom Recording ID: 98982394235 UUID: c8cA6w5MSrazNApKMzb9GQ== Meeting Time: 2021-04-09T13:03:02Z

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Institutional Advocacy: Demonstrating the Value of Art Libraries

In a challenging environment for libraries of all stripes, how can art librarians advocate for the importance of our libraries and services? This webinar will discuss what we can do to strengthen our…

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Mini Lecture - 2/3/20221

Zoom Recording ID: 91985364444 UUID: 5OHZJK1TSqSewFjsstc6dA== Meeting Time: 2021-02-03T14:58:51Z

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Mini-lecture 2/2/2021

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Generators in Python

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Navigating eRezLife for Staff Selection

This video can be used to learn about how to navigate eRezLife and select a staff member from the alternate pool. How to log in: 1:04 How to get to staff selection module: 2:30 How to look up your…

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UPDATES: Revisiting Protocols for Returning to Work with EHS 

7/9/20 Thursday: UPDATES: Revisiting Protocols for Returning to Work with EHS Presented by: Genevieve Cottrell, Amber Bitters, Jamie Willard, Lindsey Brownlee, and Phil Weinstein w/ Environmental…

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Zoom: Breakout Rooms

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Reducing Water and Agrochemical Movement from Container Nursery Production Using Bioreactors and Irrigation Management

Damon Abdi, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Horticulture. Dissertation defense describing movement of agrochemicals (nitrate, phosphate and pesticides) under different irrigation…

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Module 7 budget

Module 7 budget

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Renee Canady recording 10-5-2016

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HM842 Mod11Wheelerwhysocialmediamatters

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