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CEP 345: Syntax

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CEP 345: Development of Oral Language & Cognition Part 1

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CEP 345: Introduction & Overview

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GAC 2023 Workshop: Publishing High Impact Journals

With Professor David Stuckler

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Lecture 9 Peer Review

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Honors Project XA242 Weapons of Math Destruction

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First Draft Tips

In this lecture I provide some tips for writing your first drafts, and I also go over how to locate the feedback on your progress reports, and how to get books delivered to you from the library, or…

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T2LC Course Spotlight: CJ426

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Section 002_02-22

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How Does Our Brain Process Words and Colors?

In this video we will discuss how our brain processes words and colors by using the Stroop test. In this test you will be asked to say different colors that words are written it, but be careful not…

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Lecture 6.4 - Part 3

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Lecture 6.4 - Part 2

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Lecture 7-Part 2_Revision_Week 7

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