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GEO151: Introduction to Language

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GEO151: Introduction to Early Civilizations

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MKT 843-301 International Marketing Research In-Person Session

Zoom Recording ID: 95738945023 UUID: 4L3unS1pSJmxnustUKZSnQ== Meeting Time: 2024-05-14 03:56:06pmGMT

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Demystifying Large Language Models: Insights and Innovations

Date of session: May 8, 2024 Featuring guest presenter Nisan Stiennon. Presented by Sarah Freye, Rhonda Kessling, and Lisa Batchelder. Hybrid workshop featuring Nisan Stiennon, a renowned Machine…

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Why every teacher should go on a community walk – A reflection on community engagement for world language teachers

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Extensive reading at a beginning Chinese course

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Internationalization of the Curriculum: What Does It Mean, Why Is It Needed, How Can It Be Done?

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Clip of Globally Inclusive Language and Images: An Introduction

What is globally inclusive language and why is it important? The first webinar in this three-part series will focus on how language and images are perceived in a global context and the need for an…

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Supervisor Training Series: Support Employees Navigating Substance Use Disorder and Recovery

As part of the Supervisor Training Series, join Dr. Cara Poland, Associate Professor in MSU College of Human Medicine, and Dawn Kepler, Coordinator for MSU Collegiate Recovery Community, for a…

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Family Employee Resource Group: Supporting LGBTQIA+ Youth

Join us for a webinar aimed at parents, caregivers, educators, and allies who want to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for LGBTQIA+ youth. Led by parents and experts in LGBTQIA+…

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Key Concepts, Transference, SJ

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ர and ற the two "R" in Tamil

This video describes the difference between the two "R"s in Tamil and their usage.

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GEO330: Week 7: Coastal South & the Application Assignment

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GEO 215, Video Lecture for the Lesson on Culture

Lesson: Culture. Unit: Culture, Cultural Geography, & Mascots. Created by onGEO for the Department of Geography, Environment, & Spatial Sciences

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SCM Info session 9:25:23

SCM Informational Session for FYW Students for Disciplinary and Professional Literacies Project

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