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Resources and Funding for Sustainability and Climate Resilience

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GTIM: Course Introduction

This is the Introduction Video in the onGEO Professional Course: Geovisualization: Temporal and Interactive Mapping. By Kyle Redican.

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Quality Matters Light Module 4 w Audio.mp4

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Read & Write and OrbitNote Accessibility Training

Welcome to the Read & Write and OrbitNote Accessibility Training! This training features the highlights of both tools as well as the accessibility features. Feel free to visit the Installation…

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FeedbackFruits Group Member Evaluation Tool Demonstration (11.08.22)

FeedbackFruits Group Member Evaluation & Peer Review (PDF) MSU IT hosted this demo to gather interest in the Group Member Evaluation and Peer Review tools from the edtech company…

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GEO113: Intro to the Course Site in D2L

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Student Tools & Technologies (08.12.22)

This webinar will introduce and demonstrate commonly-used technology at MSU, including D2L, Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Kaltura Mediaspace and more. Workshop Slides Upcoming workshops from MSU IT…

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GEO & onGEO: Future GIS Courses and Opportunities

Farewell message for our GEO & onGEO Geospatial Technology students. This video lets students know the different pathways within the Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences and…

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Instructor Introduction: Herve Kashongwe (US22 GEO221/730 & 731)

Video introducing the Summer 2022 GEO 221v instructor, Herve Kashongwe -- MSU Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences.

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GEO204: Getting Started in D2L (US22)

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ISS310: Introduction to The Geographic Perspective

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Farewell message for onGEO-DIP: Digital Image Processing

Farewell message from Dr. David Lusch for DIP: Digital Image Processing (onGEO Professional Specialization Course).

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Family Employee Resource Group: The Resilience Toolbox

WorkLife Office Presents: Family Employee Resource Group - The Resilience ToolboxProlonged or intense stress can have lasting negative impacts in the development of young children. Children with…

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Pdf Accessibility Training

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Weed Management Techniques for Small-Scale Growers

This video covers weed management techniques for small-scale growers and includes: Tarping (Occultation/Solarization) Hand Tools for removing weeds Different kinds of mulches for weed suppression…

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Slime Kit Sign

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