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006 Endomembrane System Video 2

Video 2 for Lecture 006 on the Endomembrane system.

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Lecture 21, Section 11.3 -- 3/10/2021

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Lecture 20, Section 11.2 -- 3/8/2021

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How to Record ADR Dialogue | Filmmaking Tips - Check out our blog or more info about how to record your own ADR dialogue and other filmmaking tips. Make money from your photos/videos -…

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Quad Burn Flow.mp4

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When to use Dynamic Programming

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Generators in Python

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Useful Python Features Tour

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Video Sequencing

Lesson on Sequencing video using Wide, Medium and Tight shots

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Editing Premiere

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Binary Search Trees

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Intro to thinking about algorithms

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Emily Dolson Interview 9-1-2020

CSE Spotlight Interview with Dr. Emily Dolson, new faculty member in CSE, talking about her interdisciplinary research bridging computation and biology with applications that include fighting cancer.

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VM 571-Introduction to Sequences on Brain MRI

Quick primer on different MR sequences and their use on contrast enhanced brain MRI. #SARELGAURMD

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VM 571-MRI Physics Made Ridiculously Simple

An introduction to MRI physics. By #SARELGAURMD

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