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Family Violence

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Trauma Informed Child Welfare Practice

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Family Engagement and Support

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Women’s Networking Association presents “Managing Difficult Conversations or Situations at Work”

What if one act of courage, having a difficult conversation, could change your day, your relationships, and your workplace? What if one difficult conversation could restore your self-confidence,…

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HIPAA Overview

This video was produced by the MSU Health Team in 2016. Closed-captioning is being produced.

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Family Employee Resource Group: The Resilience Toolbox

WorkLife Office Presents: Family Employee Resource Group - The Resilience ToolboxProlonged or intense stress can have lasting negative impacts in the development of young children. Children with…

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GEO204: A Note about the Video Lectures

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SD2_1032 3/6/2021

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VM 580-Right-handed surgeon's knot with instrument

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7 Intelligence

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Learn about how scientists study the brain in order to learn more about emotion. Try to identify different emotions yourself!

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Lecture 9.6 - Part 1

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Lecture 9.5 - Part 1

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Lecture 5.4 - Part 3

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Lecture 2.3 - Part 4

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Negotiation.Part 3.mp4

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