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MBA 802 Classroom

Zoom Recording ID: 97774042463 UUID: k5N8B0SwSoCXXVpRR4+WdA== Meeting Time: 2023-09-18 06:19:49pmGMT

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MBA 802 Classroom

Zoom Recording ID: 97774042463 UUID: Bs+ZAwp/RbidCLve6zvbHQ== Meeting Time: 2023-09-06 04:39:46pmGMT

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Recording Transactions 2

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Recording Transactions 1

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Libraries Main Website Editor (Drupal 9) Training - March 14, 2023

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D2L Content Templates (01.19.2022)

Facilitators: Dr. Jennie Wagner & Sue Halick Content templates provide a consistent design to your D2L course pages without requiring knowledge of HTML code. The Spartanized templates offered by…

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VM 517-Day8_21Oct_130PM_BreakoutRooms_Part1

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Remote Work Strategies in Action

This presentation is designed to provide insight on common issues surrounding remote work while additionally highlighting practical tools and sharing relevant experience as both a supervisor and a…

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This is a video tutorial for JRN 436 about CSS (Cascading Style Sheets.)

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How can the Instructional Technology and Development help you?

Our service menu consists of consultation, instruction and construction. We're here to consult with you on questions like "can you look at my course and help me think about how technology…

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Zoom: Breakout Rooms

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How to Make a Film Pitch Deck - part of your film financing plan

If you are a writer / director, a director or a producer, you might need a pitch deck for your short film, feature film, web series or TV show. I'll show some film pitch deck examples and how…

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Teaching Commons - 10-4-19

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