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Costs of production

Zoom Recording ID: 91464225080 UUID: DkenShrGTmanEo4yAm6EKw== Meeting Time: 2023-01-31 04:32:10pmGMT

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Wild About Conservation: Spongy Moth Webinar

Wild About: Conservation Webinar held on June 21, at 1:00pm Eastern Time. Our topic was Spongy Moth with Julie Crick, MSU Extension Educator Forestry. Join us to learn about all about spongy moth…

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FOR 814 Lecture on Poison Ivy

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Peach Cold Hardiness - Bill Shane, Michigan Spring Peach Meeting 2022

Peach is relatively sensitive to cold damage to fruit buds and tree limbs. MSU Extension Tree Fruit Specialist Bill provides an overview of strategies to help minimize crop losses to cold.

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Update on new chemical thinners for peach - Anna Wallis at the Michigan Spring Peach Meeting, March 8, 2022

Michigan State University Tree fruit Extension Specialist Anna Wallis presents results of tests on peaches with Accede, a new Valent Biosciences fruit thinner .

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Michigan clingstone peach program and labor update - Chalmers Carr - Michigan Spring Peach Meeting March 8, 2022

Chalmers Carr, owner and operator of Titan Farms, SC, the largest peach grower and packer in the eastern United States provides an update of how the 2021 clingstone peach season in Michigan fared. …

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Kaltura Capture recording - February 11th 2022, 3:59:39 pm


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MMG 433 - SS22 - 2.3.2 - Genome evolution

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Missaukee Wetland Continuum

Watch this short video demonstrating a wetland continuum ("Missaukee Wetland") created by Bob Goodwin, RS&[email protected] and narrated by Beth Weisenborn, [email protected] This video is used in…

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Wild About Watching Wildlife-Trail Cameras

Wild About Woods Wetlands & Wildlife: Watching Wildlife discusses using trail cameras to capture wildlife.

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ISS310: Tropical Deforestation & Temperate Silviculture

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ISS310: Trees & Forests

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Birds and Coffee Chat: Insect-Eating Birds

Grab your morning beverage and join us to learn more about five bird species! Each session we’ll highlight birds that you can find in our SW Michigan backyards, woods and waters this time of…

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Honeycrisp Virtual Meetup #4 Harvest - Part 3

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Honeycrisp Virtual Meetup #4 Harvest - Part 1

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