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“Can I Zoom In?”: Low-Barrier Tactics for Ad Hoc Hybrid Class Arrangements

Date of Session: June 6, 2024 Presenter: Ellie Louson and Makena Neal Description: What do you do if a student requests to zoom in to your class, due to illness, travel, or for other reasons, when…

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Geo 221v: 1us24: Welcome Video (Brennan Persenaire Hogeterp)

Welcome everyone, I am very excited for this summer session. One thing of note I forgot to mention that discussion boards will be held on D2L. Fun fact about me I like playing an 8 hour long board…

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Module 4 Intro zoom_4

Module 4 Intro zoom_4

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PH 880 SS24 Final Basement Update

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Class Update 1.29.2024

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Welcome 1- Instructors Spring 2024

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Presentation Guidance Overview

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Student Tools & Tech at MSU

Date of session: August 31, 2023 Description: This informational webinar will introduce technology commonly used in classes at MSU, including D2L, Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Kaltura MediaSpace…

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Welcome to GEO204 US23

GEO204 US23 Instructor Intro Welcome Video by Rui Zhang

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Zoom Meetings

A recorded Virtual Instructor-Led Training session that will cover more advanced topics and functions in Zoom Meetings such as breakout rooms, recordings, and reports.

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Accessibility Tips for MediaSpace & Captioning

Date of session: October 4, 2022 Description: Learn best practices for making your video content accessible through automated and manual captioning in this interactive session. We'll cover…

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Zoom - Getting Started

A live Virtual Instructor-Led Training session that will cover the basics of Zoom Meetings including what faculty, staff, and students need to know within the first thirty days of being at MSU such…

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Faculty intro HM 801

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Zoom Accessibility Quick Tips- Participant Version

Date of session: August 22, 2022 Description: This interactive Zoom training teaches participants accessibility tips like reducing background noise, identifying themselves when speaking, using…

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Chapter 3 Video

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US22-ISS 310

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