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Chapter 12 Video

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Chapter 4b Video

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TIA Course

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GEO331: 2a-Aboriginals-Part 2

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WNA: Women's Mental Health and Intersectionality

The attendees will learn about1. The concept of intersectionality and its impact on mental health2. Understanding bio, psychosocial model of mental disorders3. Why women are more vulnerable to mental…

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VM 509 Controlled Substances Part 7

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VM 509 Controlled Substances Part 6

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Lindsey Power, LMSW: Child and Youth Advocacy

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Video Lecture: Juvenile Justice Part One

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541J W2V2 Working Within Michigan's Family Division

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Video Lecturer: MI Mandated Reporting

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Suicide Assessment

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NUR 917/927 - 2020 Chronic Care Theoretical Concepts with narration

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Depressive Disorders

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Children and Parents with Addictions

Presentation on working with children who have parents or caregivers with addictions.

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ASK 1 (COP) Table Top Elder Abuse Case

Example of Table Top simulation depicting assessment of a patient with clinical findings suspicious for elder abuse.

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