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Trauma, Community Health and the Criminal Legal System

Recorded September 13, 2021 Co-presented by the MSU Center for Bioethics and Social Justice and the Henry Ford Health System Health Disparities Research Collaborative. Panelists: Jennifer Cobbina,…

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Practicing Reset Skills w/ Lisa Laughman

Navigating Overwhelm – Given everything that is happening right now it is natural to have moments of feeling overwhelmed by your emotions. This session will introduce you to a 6 word…

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Lecture 21.2: The Effects of Train Travel and the 1851 Great Exhibition

0:00 - 4:40 Recap of last lecture (industrialization and trauma) 4:40 - 7:00 Introduction to toda's lecture 7:00 - 16:30 Modernity 16:30 - 24:30 Industrialization of time and space 24:30 -…

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Lecture 21.1: The Psychological Effects of the Industrial Revolution

0:00 - 16:25: Introduction; Trauma and Industrialization 16:25 - 20:00 The Spread of Railways 20:00 - 34:37: Effects of Railways (Co dependence, migration, time/space compression.)

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Presentation on Emotionally Focused Therapy and attachment injuries. Two examples are presented at the end to show use of the process.

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