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ODWODL, 01/28/2022

“Working Class Culture in a Middle-Class Society", by Jack Metzgar. Jack Metzgar is a professor at Roosevelt University and the author of Bridging the Divide: Working Class Culture in…

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Family Employee Resource Group: Talking with Children About Race

How To Talk to Your Children About Race will help parents and other caregivers explore race and racism and its impacts on children. The presentation will include conversations about why engaging with…

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CSTAT - Statistics and SPSS Part 1: Descriptive Statistics and Intro to SPSS

Statistics and SPSS Part 1: Descriptive Statistics and Intro to SPSS Presented by Barry DeCicco, CSTAT This workshop was interrupted by a fire alarm in the campus building so remaining information…

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Major QIPS Tools to Intepret and Reoport your Project Results

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ISS310: Demographic Transition & Population Pyramids

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ISS310: Measures of Population Change

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Classifying Child Resistant Designs and Lessons from the Trenches

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Protocol testing with end

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Introduction to Child Resistance (CR)

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2021 MSU AgeAlive Annual Forum: Aging-Related Research Gems Panel

This panel of researchers showcases exciting aging-related research being conducted by MSU faculty and graduate students. Topics include college student caregivers, understanding risks of dementia,…

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2121 MSU AgeAlive Annual Forum Legacy Lecture: Dr. William G. Anderson, D.O., FACOS

Dr. Anderson is well known for his years as a civil rights leader, working closely with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and his achievements as a physician. He was the first African American to serve…

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Lecture 4.2 - Part 5 (Romanticism in Music: Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique)

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Lecture 4.2 - Part 3 (Romanticism in Art)

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Lecture 4.2 - Part 1 (Introduction)

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Mini Lecture FI355-001 - W March 10th

Zoom Recording ID: 91985364444 UUID: 9vW+O20QTVWzsO/YXKnK/A== Meeting Time: 2021-03-10T15:05:09Z

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2 Components of Language and Language Development

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