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Strategies and Tools for Reviewing Creative Projects

Presented on November 18, 2021 In this workshop, we discuss strategies and technologies for formative feedback throughout the creative process, including D2L Assignments & Rubrics and Eli…

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CSTAT Day - Intro to Meta-Analysis and Systematic Reviews

Presented by Dr. Dhruv Sharma, CSTAT This is an abbreviated version, a full workshop on this topic is usually available through CSTAT.

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GEO151: Accessing your reflection journal assignment in D2L

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How can we support student success by removing the barrier of grading? What impact would this have on feedback and iteration? Members from Team MAET (Master of Arts in Educational Technology) will…

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IT Virtual Workshop - D2L Beyond the Basics

In this MSU IT workshop on advanced tools and practices in D2L from December 2020, we covered features such as badges, awards, and rubrics. More training resources from beginning to advanced can be…

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Finding Michigan subdivision plats

When subdivisions are platted in the state of Michigan, a sketch of the lot boundaries is filed with the state of Michigan. These go back to even pre-statehood when plat sketches of villages were…

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Friday Feedback Sessions 10.23

Friday Feedback Session 1--10/23/2020

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ISS310: Journal Assignment: Where to begin!

This video will help you get started on your People and the Environment Journal Assignment.

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CSE480 - Week12 - 7 - Index Use Cases

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FLC Fall Teaching Town Hall Workshop: Rubrics in D2L 07_29_2020

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2020 Narrated PP and Conditions Video (Part 3)

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2020 Narrated PP and Conditions Video (Part 1)

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Eating disorders

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Bipolar Disorders

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Counting in

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