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MKT 843-301 International Marketing Research In-Person Session

Zoom Recording ID: 95738945023 UUID: 4L3unS1pSJmxnustUKZSnQ== Meeting Time: 2024-05-14 03:56:06pmGMT

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MBA 802 Classroom

Zoom Recording ID: 97774042463 UUID: x8MNI++XTLmsgtPmtxKiOg== Meeting Time: 2023-09-27 04:39:49pmGMT

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MKT 880 Course Overview Video

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Getting Started With Amazon…It’s a Jungle Out There

Two presentations by MSU Product Center clients with experience selling products through Amazon.

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Steve Schaffel of the former Goodrich's Shop-rite in East Lansing (phone recording)

Interview from 4.1.22

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Steve Scheffel of the former Goodrich's Shop-rite in East Lansing

Interview on April 1, 2022 about Goodrich's, a three-generation family-owned store

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R17_hair braider_June 28

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SCM999 SCM303 Web Guest Speaker v3 SIMMONS 3 take1 edited final

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Towards a Sustainable Meat Supply Chain in Michigan: SE Michigan Processing Ventures and Digital Marketing (subtitled)

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent shocks to the meat processing supply chain, the need for local and regional food systems is more critical than ever. This session aims to bolster the…

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STT 200 One Proportion Confidence Intervals, Part 3

More examples of one-proportion confidence intervals.

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Keweenaw Convention and Visitors Bureau

MSU Extension Tourism Educator Will Cronin talks with Brad Barnett of the Keweenaw CVB about the strategies the Keweenaw Peninsula region has used to keep the tourism economy working during the…

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STT 200 Confidence Intervals for a Single Proportion 2

STT 200 Confidence Intervals for a Single Proportion 2

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