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FS21 Lecture 18: Doing Harm

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FS21 Lecture 16: Concept Maps

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Cabin Fever Conversations 2021: Conversations in the Community with Morgan Doherty

We speak with Morgan Doherty of Tender Heart Gardens and Capital United Land Trust in Lansing.

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Section 003_03-15

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Section 002_03-15

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How do we know when we are ready?

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What is a charrette?

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Why is PP important? Part 2

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Why is PP important? Part 1

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Remote Work Strategies in Action

This presentation is designed to provide insight on common issues surrounding remote work while additionally highlighting practical tools and sharing relevant experience as both a supervisor and a…

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Learning & Grades

Video introducing students to how faculty assess student learning, the connection to grading, and values connected to learning with integrity.

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Team Cohesiveness During Unprecedented Times

6/26/20 Friday: Team Cohesiveness During Unprecedented Times Presented by: Todd Bradley, Senior Learning and Development Specialist with MSU HR Organizational and Professional Development…

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Culture of Care

6/1/20 Monday: Culture of Care Presented by: Melissa Staub, College of Arts and LettersA Culture of Care: How the power of putting people first builds a culture of trust and inclusion.

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Psychological Safety and Transparent Communication at Work: Strengthening Collaboration and Innovation

Strengthening Collaboration and Innovation Employees need to feel psychologically secure and safe in their workplace to do their best work. This type of workplace culture is increasingly important to…

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Elder Law Attorney Brad Vauter

Local attorney Bradley Vauter, JD provides a wealth of knowledge regarding important topics including elder law, LGBT legal issues, probate, and estate planning. Come to this session, learn about…

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