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Non-Profits: Boards & Funding Structures Summer '24

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Fatherhood Forum Facilitator Information Session

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Frameworks for Collaborative Innovation: A Student-Focused UX Center at Michigan State UniversityKate BirdsallAlison HagenKristen Pratt

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Celebrating Black Leaders in Coaching and Sport Administration

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Advising Summit

The Fall Advising Summit, which happened immediately following the Student Success Launch event.

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Career Day Residency Program Director's Panel May 9, 2022

Dr. Bray, MD-General Surgery Dr. Hill, MD-Family Medicine Dr. Lanfranco, MD-Internal Medicine Dr. Schnurr, DO-Psychiatry Dr. Singh, MD-Emergency Medicine Dr. Young, MD-OBGYN

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Creative Conversations: Creating Equitable Arts and Cultural Community Engagement Partnerships--A Panel on Music and the Performing Arts

Interested in learning how to create new community-engaged partnerships around music and performing arts? Are you new to using visual creative activities for community-engaged social change? This…

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Lee Balliet interviewed on August 18th 2018

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Lee Balliet interviewed on Auguest 22nd 2018

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Lee Balliet interviewed on August 29th 2018

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Lee Balliet interviewed on September 3rd 2018

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Lee Balliet interviewed on October 10th 2018

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Lee Balliet interviewed on Jan 29th 2019

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SD2_1062 April/May 2021

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SD2_1056 4/23/2021

Large zoom meeting/event

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