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MSU SW Michigan Fruit IPM Update April 19, 2021

Tree and small fruit IPM update for the week of April 19th by MSU Extension educators Mark Longstroth, Mike Reinke, and Bill Shane. MSU Tree Fruit Integrator Julianna Wilson provides a pollinator…

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Early Season Apple Diseases 2021

As part of the MSUE Statewide Spring Tree Fruit Webinar Series, George Sundin and Anna Wallis present 'Early Season Apple Diseases.'

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Cherry Disease Update for 2020

As part of the Spring 2020 Tree Fruit Webinar Series, Dr. Nikki Rothwell of MSU Extension and AgBioResearch, and Dr. George Sundin of the Plant, Microbial, and Soil Sciences Department of Michigan…

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Plant Disease with Lori Imboden

Lori Imboden helps us understanding the complexity of plant diseases to create healthier gardens.

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Regulatory and Diagnostic Updates for Infectious Equine Diseases: EIA, EHV, and EIV | 3.24.2021

Equine infectious anemia, equine herpesvirus, and equine influenza virus are threats to individual animals and can be easily transmitted when animals are housed together. In this presentation, we…

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MI Ag Ideas to Grow With - Chicken Session

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HM 801 Module 14 Emergency Preparedness and The Future of Public Health

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VM 536-Inflammatory noninfectious diseases of the horses' lungs-KInsley

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IM618 - Trypanosomiasis 3: Treatment

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Plp105 Lecture 2.mp4 - Quiz

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