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GEO324-Intro Video Spring 2022

Introduction to the course, tips, and course background and Dr. Erin Bunting, your Lead Instructor in Spring 2022, for Geo 324v (Remote Sensing of the Environment).

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Birds and Coffee Chat: Waterbirds

Birds and Coffee Chat: October 2021 Grab your morning beverage and join us to learn more about five bird species! Each session we’ll highlight birds that you can find in our SW Michigan…

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GEO330: FS2021 Week 7 (10/11 to 10/15)

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Introduction to Resilient Pedagogy

This is an introduction to Resilient Pedagogy that was part of a workshop offered in September 2021. In this video Scott Schopieray and Bill Hart-Davidson discuss the notion of Resilient Pedagogy and…

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GEO330: FS2021 Week 6 (10/4 to 10/8)

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IBIO Seminar FS21: Martha Muñoz 9-21-21

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ISS310: Environmental Ethics

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Usability Testing

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ISS310: The Modern Environmental Movement

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ISS310: Eras of Early Environmental Thought

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ISS310: The Carbon Cycle, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, & Your Carbon Footprint

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ISS310: Cities, Suburbs, and Urban Planning, a long history

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ISS310: The Value of Trees

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VM 530 Parasitology Ascarid Nematodes of Domestic Animals

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VM 530 Epidemiology Intro

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Lecture 12_Behavior_Week 6

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