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Wild About Watching Wildlife-Trail Cameras

Wild About Woods Wetlands & Wildlife: Watching Wildlife discusses using trail cameras to capture wildlife.

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This is the video for Assignment 2 in CAS 111. It covers new InDesign skills.

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Sampling Designs 1

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Sit-Up Test - SPARTANfit KIN 121 Fitness Assessment

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SPARTANfit KIN 121 Fitness Assessment Video

The SPARTANfit Fitness and Wellness Program KIN 121 Fitness Assessment will help determine your current level of fitness using a series of resting and exercising assessments. The assessment will help…

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VM 516-Equine bones of digit relative to hoof (dissection video)

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3-2 Your First Project: Global Settings and Preferences in LumaFusion

In this chapter learn how to adjust the settings and preferences in LumaFusion to optimize your editing environment. To read more about any of the chapters of this tutorial series, go to the…

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3-1 Your First Project: Creating & Project Settings in LumaFusion

In this chapter, get started editing with LumaFusion by creating your first project with confidence. To read more about any of the chapters of this tutorial series, go to the corresponding…

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Matching audio in Premiere

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MI341 - Interlased and progrsssive

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MI341 - Frames per second

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InDesign and Typography Fundamentals.Vol.3

This is the third of three video tutorials explaining the InDesign and Typography fundamentals assignment.

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Superior Skull Bones & Features

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This is the second of two parts of a video tutorial for now to design a newspaper page using InDesign.

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VM 516-Cat specific anatomy of the forelimb: suprahamate process and supratrochlear foramen Video presentation

2018 version

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VM 518-Pig heart dissection: fossa ovale and crista dividens

Remnants of embryonic structures in the adult heart.

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