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Adi Adiredja Colloquium Talk March 2023

Aditya "Adi" Adiredja from the University of Arizona is presenting: Journey to "Anti-deficit Narratives." Captions were edited through the 8-minute mark.

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Supervisor Training Series Part II: U.S. Surgeon General Recommended Framework for Mental Health & Well-Being in the Workplace

Seeing that we spend around half of our waking life at work, our workplace plays a significant role in shaping our mental health and overall wellbeing. Employers have a unique opportunity to not only…

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Colloquium Series 2022-2023 Dr. Leslie Dietiker

Dr. Leslie Dietiker from Boston University presented "How Mathematical Plots Can Reveal New Characteristics of Math Lessons" at Michigan State University on 11/30/2022.

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CSTAT Day - A Few Simple Rules for Reproducibility

Presented by Dr. Marianne Huebner, Director of CSTAT This is an abbreviated version, a full workshop on this topic is usually available through CSTAT. Slides are available in the Attachments tab.

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Lecture 3 - Marxist Paradigm and its Overthrow

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SCM999 SCM303 Presentation J02 Supply Management v3 SG part2 Take1

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Navigating Difficult Conversations

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OST 825 Gifford: Wk 2 Ethical Theories and Frameworks: Other Frameworks

OST 825: week 2: Ethical Theories and Frameworks: Other Frameworks

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OST 825 Gifford: Wk 3 Human Rights and Global Health

OST 825: Week 3: Human RIghts and Global Health

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