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WNA: Mitigating Bias in Hiring

Learn about best practices and procedures for reducing potential bias in the screening and interview process and obtain tools for increasing understanding and self-awareness.

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Teaching Transgender Video- WS 102- Allie Hawkins

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SD2_1036 March 2021

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ISS310: Globalization

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Lecture 6_Ways of Change_Week 3

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Lecture 5_Raw Materials_Week 3

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Adult Caregivers Affinity Group: Respite Care

The Adult Caregivers Affinity Group is a place for Spartans to connect on adult caregiving/eldercare topics with the goal of connecting, building community and sharing best practices regarding…

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KIN 371 Shifflett Research Proposal Presentation

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WNA: Assertiveness: The secret ingredient for self-care and unlocking your untapped power

In Honor of Women's History MonthWNA: Assertiveness: The secret ingredient for self-care and unlocking your untapped powerAssertiveness is one of the most important skills women need for…

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KIN 355 004 Brain_Body_part1

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Group Influence_Social Facilitation and Social Loafing

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Protect Your Brain

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Some Learning Approaches

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Intersectionality as Lived Experience, Radical Theory, and Social Justice Activism | WACSS Anti-Racism Insight Series | NiCole T. Buchanan, PhD

Society and individuals have been slow to incorporate intersectionality as a concept and as a framework for informing our work, which limits the potential impact of theory, praxis and activism. In…

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Section 003_02-10

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WACSS Anti-Racism Insight Series: "Hands Up, Don't Shoot: Why the Protests in Ferguson and Baltimore Matter, and How They Changed America" with Dr. Jennifer Cobbina, 11/24/20

Dr. Jennifer Cobbina is an Associate Professor in the School of Criminal Justice here at MSU. Her current research includes neighborhood violence, policing, community action and more. In Dr.…

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